We take security seriously

Is security on your mind in choosing your new home? Here at Country Club Manor we make every possible effort to ensure your safety.  While absolute freedom from crime cannot be guaranteed by us or anyone, whether here or anywhere else, you will likely agree CCM makes a great effort to keep its residents safe and secure. Please consider:

  1. There is only limited access to our grounds:
    1. The two main buildings are end-to-end and situated so there is only a single exit point (curb-cut) for the whole complex.  Please double click the image above to see how the 6′ high fence and boulder wall (depicted in red), together with the buildings themselves, completely enclose the site (except for the golf course which itself, is fenced in).
    2. The solitary curb-cut is the only gap and is on” the right side of the image above. This makes would-be perpetrators nervous knowing if the police are called, there is only one way to drive out and they could easily be trapped in the fenced-in parking lot.  In addition, license plate numbers for nearly every vehicle entering or exiting the complex are recorded even in total darkness, using state-of-the-art infrared (IR) cameras that continue to reveal plate #’s even when headlights would normally blind the camera (or even a human).
  1. The main entries are “keyless.” There is no worry about X number of brass keys floating around out there from years of use. At CCM, every time someone vacates, their card-key and/or PIN is erased.
  2. If a prowler attempts to force a building entry door, a silent alarm is triggered which sets in motion a chain of actions that will lead–and has in the past led–to the hapless person’s arrest and conviction.
  3. Twenty (20) video cameras are connected to a remotely located DVR. These cameras are configured to record-on-motion thus making a record of nearly every event of significance. Hence, if a burglary is ever committed on the site, there will be in all likelihood a video of the crime and the license plate # of any associated vehicle. West St. Paul Chief, Bud Shaver, has called this security feature “key” to actually solving cases (as opposed to just taking reports afterwards). Why commit a crime in a building with lots of security measures when there are so many others with few or none?!

That could be the reason Country Club Manor has had no significant problems with criminals. But you could check with the West St Paul PD to see for yourself by calling 651-552-4200 or emailing West St. Paul’s Crime Prevention Specialist, Laura Vaughan, at

As mentioned before, we cannot guaranty no crime will be committed at CCM, only that we will do our best to eliminate it and, if one is ever committed, do our best to make sure the guilty party goes to jail.

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