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Bakewell Brothers-SmallC C Manor LLC is NOT a large management company owning 1000’s of apartment units in the Twin Cities. Instead, its owners consist of 3 brothers (Donald – Left, Troy – Top, and Derek – Bottom) whom were born and raised right here in West Saint Paul, MN graduating from Henry Sibley High School in 1993, 1988, and 1989 respectively. The brothers parents owned and operated several apartment buildings during their upbringing and as the boys learned the ins and outs of apartment management, they also spent many years doing the apartment maintenance for their parents meaning these particular guys can fix just about anything!

Donald Bakewell moved out to Las Vegas in October of 2008 however is very active in the day to day operations with the building. He flies back in forth from Vegas to MN every two weeks or so and attends many of the activities here in the building. Out in Vegas, he works as a REALTOR and runs a nationwide photo booth company called Party Booths.

Troy Bakewell moved out to Las Vegas in December, 2017 and works in the movie / video production industry. Working on set with such actors/actresses as Shelly Long (from Cheers) and Tom Seizemore (from Saving Private Ryan), Troy absolutely loves what he does. He hasn’t produced his own film yet however that has been a dream of his since he was a little boy and he’s well on his way to achieving that goal.

Derek Bakewell owns and operates an ATM route here in the Twin Cities. He recently moved out to Las Vegas in January, 2017 however he too (like Donald) spends much of his time in MN looking over his ATM business.


Here are some links to sites the boys are either directly or indirectly involved with along with some great videos taken by their dad, Lee Bakewell:

  1. Partybooths, a company that provides photo booths to events such as corporate or wedding receptions, operated by Donald
  2. Gamble Track, an iPhone app for tracking your wins/losses at slot machines, written by sister, Tara.
  3. Harding High School Reunion Website–Lee Bakewell’s 1962 graduating class complete with Names and Photos of his classmates.
  4. Lee’s Hobby is Birds   Here is some info about the MN Purple Martin Working Group, of which Lee was a member of and a big contributor.
  5. Lee’s Slow Motion Bird and other wildlife Video’s
  6. Photos of airplanes Lee had earned a private pilot’s license in 1966 and has been interested in airplanes ever since.  Here are over 200 photos of airplanes taken at times when he had nothing else to do . . .
  7. An interesting golfers’ course map of exclusive Somerset Country Club, just 2 miles NW of Country Club Manor Apartments in West St. Paul, MN, prepared by Lee after having played the course in 2013.
  8. Some members of the Minnesota Purple Martin Working Group are filmed for a segment on Minnesota Bound, October 13, 2013.
  9. A trio of trumpeter swans landed on Forest Lake, November 15, 2013. Lee ran down to the shoreline with his camera and telephoto lens with these results.
  10. How to build an inexpensive soda pop dispenser that does not need  a water supply plumbed to it. (Lee’s first attempt at an instructional video . . . and it shows.)
  11. Lee and two friends successfully drove from MN to CA in a four door sedan . . . without stopping at a single gas station . . . and without paying for any electricity!  February 3, 2014 departure.  Arrival in San Francisco was February 8.
  12. 5/18/14  Very nice video of a male Osprey eating a fresh catch. Can you identify the species of fish? (You need to watch the trick with the eyeball at 2:40, if nothing else!)
  13. 6/9/14   Lee takes his own census of the osprey family using a friend’s rotary drone.
  14. 6/2714   After 5 years of trying, Lee finally attracts a mated pair of ospreys to his front yard. This closeup shows the three chicks getting fed a fish.
  15. 7/15/14  Mama still feeding three chicks
  16. 7/16/14  Three chicks still alive but one seems to be a runt
  17. 7/22/14  Lee get’s his name in the paper for attracting a mated pair of ospreys to his yard.
  18. 7/24/14  Osprey family having breakfast with a decent northern pike. Only about 10 days to go before the chicks fledge according to estimates.

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